Our product:
Patio heater tables custom built by PHT mfg. Co. Please send us an email to find out information on how to purchase our products.

Product usage:
Outdoor patios, yards, porches and courts are popular areas to enjoy the outdoors in pleasant weather and often meals are taken in these locales requiring tables and chairs. In cooler climates the season for this type of enjoyment is often extended by the use of patio heaters that usually operate using bottled liquefied gas and produce sufficient heat to make it comfortable enough to pursue this type of activity. It is desirable to be located close enough to the heater to gain the needed benefit requiring tables to be closely positioned to the heat source. Since conventional outdoor type patio tables are usually round and many have umbrellas protruding from the middle it is difficult to place the table close enough to the heater to gain the same advantage to all sitting around the table. The requirement has existed to solve this long felt need therefore it is the primary object of the invention to provide a table that is easily assembled around the heater affording convenience and equal warmth without loosing valuable space on the table.





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